Vintage Style Logo Designs

Vintage-style logos have a certain charm that resonates with people in special ways. Vintage-style logos call to mind products made slowly by hand, by someone you know by name. They suggest a quality and style that will stand the test of time. They are everything modern society is not: slow, made to last and personable.

If you find yourself longing for days gone by in your designs, then check out this roundup of vintage-style logo designs.

Southern Crust by Dustin Wallace

This selection of logos for a Texas-based pie company calls to mind diners from the 1950s, where a woman named Flo slung cherry pies and bottomless coffees to miners.


Pedalworks by Graham Smith

Designed for a UK bike shop, this logo is much more industrial in feel, thanks to the large image of the gear that acts like a frame for the name of the shop.


Medium Rare Wordmark by Adam Trageser

This is a logo exercise for a butcher. The logo already looks like it has been printed on some rugged material, referencing the hardwearing aprons butchers don.


Huntington by Roy Smith

This logo calls to mind the minimalism of logos in the 1950s and 1960s. Much like the iconic Shell logo of those years, this is not as minimalist as it could be, but the extra detail gives it extra charm.


Dordo by JC Desevre

It may have a modern colour scheme, but this logo is definitely 1900s in style. The delicate details and typography are sumptuous and classic, giving it a rich feel that modern logos can’t match.


Gilford & Sons by Blake McDivitt

This logo says the company was established in 1975, but the design is timeless. The geometric shapes, clean typography and colour palette can be found in logos both old and new.


Premium Coffee by Dustin Wallace

These days, most coffee logos aim to make their coffees seem more luxurious or artisanal, but this logo takes us back to the days when coffee perked us up before a hard day’s work.


Power To The People by Dustin Wallace

Back in the day, logos were quite literal: power companies would incorporate “electrified” fonts into their logos. This logo takes that idea and applies it to a t-shirt logo.


Procrastination by Meagan Fisher

Owls have had a real comeback in the 2010s, referencing the owl trend of the 1960s and 1970s. The animal looks great as a series of circles, arcs and triangles, making it ideal for minimalist designs.


United Task Co by Brandon Rike

This vintage-style logo is utilitarian, industrial and wonderfully typographical. Plus, you can imagine it making a great rubber stamp.


Beery Xmas by Dustin Wallace

This logo – for a beer-based Advent calendar – uses the colours and fonts of Christmas designs in the 1940s. This is definitely a product you could see Bing Crosby endorsing.

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